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Popcorn Ceiling Removal $120 Per Room Any Size Guaranteed

$120 Per room any size guaranteed. This is the removal cost only

Wow $120

Make it Smooth Flat Ceiling $220 Per Room Any Size

After popcorn removal you will need to plaster and/or skim coat the ceiling . We charge $220 Per drywall Ceiling.. Concrete Ceiling $275
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KnockDown Texture for Ceiling Per Room $275

After Popcorn Removal you can apply a Knock down Texture to Ceiling We Charge $200 Per Room Any Size Drywall. Concrete $235
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Ceiling Paint After Skim Coat or Texture $185 Per Room Any Size

After plastering your new Ceilings will need a fresh coat of paint. We charge $185 Per room Any size
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Cleo Property and Home Store

We are a home store and service provider. We bridge the gap between buying home goods then have them installed properly and with guarantee and assurance of workmanship 

We are the best $120 popcorn ceiling removal per room 

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Favorable Site Conditions Defined

Accessibility: Cleo Property Service Corp employees must have clear and unobstructed access to work area 
Repair combination: Cleo Property Service Corp will not engage in any repair where the combined items will not work as intended 
Environment Safety: Cleo Property Service Corp  Will not allow any of its employees to work in any capacity which is not considered safe based on County,City, State  building codes. It will be a combination of Cleo Property Service Corp guideline and  at the full discretion of  Cleo Property Service Corp employees if an environment is safe to work 
Legality: Cleo Property Service Corp  Will not engage in any work that is not considered  legal, based on County,City, State  building codes
favorable site conditions
Not consider Favorable

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