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Furnished Room Extra Service Charge Per Room...


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Please be advised ****Height Fee**** *

Please note that there is an additional fee for areas that are higher than 11 feet. High work areas require extra equipment such as scaffolding or an extension ladder. Any area that is above 11 feet is considered a high area. The fee for areas between 11′-21′ feet is $385. For areas higher than 21′, kindly contact us directly.


Furnished Room Extra Service Charge

Due to the challenges that a furnish room will create  

all work performed by CPSAHS is guaranteed for workmanship for 1 year

We have an additional service charge for furnished rooms

Furnished rooms present an additional challenge for us, as we need to either protect and or move the furnishing  around so we can reach the
work area

The additional fee is for:

  1. Extra material needed
  2. Additional manpower/time
  3. Post clean





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