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No Touch Door Opener (4 PC) | Clean Keys...


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No Touch Door Opener (4 PC) | Clean Keys Button Pusher Stylus | Touchless Hands Free Sanitary Germ Utility Tool for Germaphobe | EDC Keychain | No Contact Handle | Multiple Opener

  • Color: Multicolor (Rose Gold, Gold, Black, Silver)
  • Brand: MAPLE KITTY
  • Number Of Pieces: 4



4-Pack Multicolor No Touch Door Opener Set

4-Pack Multicolor No Touch Door Opener Set



  • DOOR OPENER – Easily open and push doors using our different-shaped hook and grip openers. Also comes with a stylus to use on public electronic screens and to press elevator buttons
  • NO CONTACT – Stay away and avoid germs, cooties, and other virus, especially during the current world situation.
  • ACCESSIBLE – Keychain multitool easily clips onto your keys, making it the perfect portable everyday carry. Lightweight and easy to handle – keep it close and everywhere you go
  • HYGIENIC – Keep your hand/hands clean by using this hygiene multifunction tool. Aim for zero contact with public surfaces to prioritize safety. Great for use in bathroom/restroom, grocery stores, and outdoors
  • MULTI-COLOR – 4 pack bulk package with multiple colors to be used by everyone in the family. Colors include rose-gold, gold, silver, and black



Door Hook

Stylus Tip


Door Opener with Second Grip

Stylus Tip for Touch Screens

Hole for Keychains and Lanyards

MapleKitty Anti Touch Grabkey Kingsbom No Touch Door Opener No Touch Door Opener (4 PC) Anti Touch Door Opener Tool GRABKEY Touchless Door Opener Tool 2 Pack KINGSBOM EDC Door Opener Tool & Non-Contact Stylus Keychain Door Opener Tool Stylus Multi Colored Pack Number of Pieces 4 3 2 2 1 Second Grip
Size Information of No Touch Door Opener

Size Information

  • Height: 3.75 inches
  • Width: 1.7 inches
  • Thickness: 0.2 inches

Note: Product does not work on doorknobs or thick door handles. Please note that the hook opening is about 17mm or about 0.67 inches wide.

Size: Product measures 3.75 inches long x 1.7 inches wide

Safety: Designed so that you can avoid touching unnecessary public objects with this tool! Manage the risk of spreading germs to you and your loved ones.

Use Cases:


  • Open Door Handles
  • Sign Electronic Keypads
  • Store Checkout
  • Push Elevator Buttons
  • Push Key Pads at ATM or Gas Pumps
  • Flush a Toilet
  • Open Trash Cans
  • Carry Grocery Bags




Additional information

Dimensions0.86 × 3.42 in



Does not Apply




Multicolor (Rose Gold, Gold, Black, Silver)

Number Of Pieces