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Puzzles for Kids Ages 4-8, 48 Piece Wooden...


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About this item

  • WHY CHOOSE WOODEN JIGSAW PUZZLE: Different from cardboard puzzle which is easy to be deformed and warped. Wooden jigsaw puzzle features sturdy constuction and durable, especially LOL-FUN puzzles for kids ages 4-8 is made of high-quality wood, which can be played for a long time even by a rough kid. And when your kid is tired of playing this 48 piece wooden puzzle, you can donate the puzzle or give it to the younger kids
  • BRIGHT COLOR IS AN ATTRACTION TO KIDS: Vivid patterns and bright colors can help kid’s visual development, and also attract kids to focus on this wooden 48 piece puzzle. Our kid puzzle for 4 year old adopts heat transfer printing technology, which greatly shows the original color of the pattern. A good puzzle can calm the kid, so it is very suitable to give this kids jigsaw puzzle as a gift to your 4 year old
  • PUZZLE SKILL: How to start the puzzle is a problem for 4 year old kids. Parents can accompany the kids and guide them to complete a puzzle. Starting with a corner of the puzzle, following the logic of the pattern to complete the four sides and then slowly to the middle. As we all know, puzzle is a kind of toy that exercises logical thinking. In fact, the kid’s hand eye cooperation ability and fine motor skill can be trained as well when completing the puzzle
  • WOODEN THICK TRAY WITH A SMALL HOLE IN THE BOTTOM: LOL-FUN 48 piece puzzle for kids comes with a thick wooden tray. With this tray, it is convenient to store and space saving when it is not used. And there is a small hole in the tray bottom of this puzzle for kids ages 4-8, as long as the fingers gently poke, kids can quickly start the game again
  • SMOOTH EDGES TO PROTECT KIDS: Each piece of LOL-FUN puzzle for kids ages 4-8 is carefully cut, with smooth edges, which can protect kid’s hands. And This 48 piece wooden puzzle has passed the highest toy safety standards in the United States. Absolutely, it’s a safe choice for parents


Number of Pieces48
Age Range (Description)Kid