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Shoe Crease Protector, Trimmable Crease Guards


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Shoe Crease Protector

6 Pairs Shoe Crease Protector, Trimmable Crease Guards with Breathable Venting Holes

 Protect Shoes From Creasing Still trouble with the toe crease of your sneakers? The shoes protectors are designed to solve this issue which not only effectively supports the toe cap from creases, maintains the shape of the shoe but also restores creased shoes back to new, resulting in longer service life.

  • Breathable Venting Holes Each of the shoe protector designs with 26 venting holes for keeping the shoes breathable so as to avoid being sweaty and humid, effectively preventing the sliding.
  • Cut Your Size Our sneaker guards are suitable for men’s 7-12. There is no worry if they are not a perfect fit. With auxiliary cutting lines, you can easily trim to the size until it fits perfectly.
  • Premium Material The sneaker protector is made of PE and TPR material which is firm, durable and sturdy enough to use. It is anti-wrinkle and not easy to deform. Please make sure your shoes have enough space for the shoe guard so it is comfortable to wear.
  • Wide Compatibility Our crease guards are with most sneakers and shoes that are easy to bent toes. There are total of 6 pairs including 2 pairs white, 2 pairs black and 2 pairs yellow. Enough quantity for daily use and sharing with your family members.


If you are a sneaker enthusiast, what you are most worried about may be wrinkles and abrasion on your beloved shoes in daily storage. At this moment, what you need most is to choose a shoe Anti-Crease protector for your beloved shoes that can keep the shoes in shape for a longer time and prevent creases and abrasion without hurting the shoe. Features: 1. Made of high quality washable and breathable TPR materials, which is durable and sturdy without easily deform. 2. It effectively prevent your shoes from maintaining their shape and prevent them from being creased and worn. 3. Adjust them by trimming with auxiliary cutting lines according to your needs for ultra comfort. 4. The round hole design on the shoe protector has better breathability that can avoid sultry and humid when the shoes are in storage. 5. The smooth curved line design can perfectly fit most of your sports shoes, such as vintage sneakers, new sneakers, casual shoes, leather shoes, etc. Specifications: Name: Anti-Wrinkle Shoes Creases Protector Material: TPR Size: 5.7 x 3.3 x 1.4 inches Weight: 7.7oz Color: White / Black / Yellow What’s in the Package? 2 Pair x White Shoes Creases Protector 2 Pair x Black Shoes Creases Protector 2 Pair x Yellow Shoes Creases Protector


Shoe Crease Protector



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