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DUTISON Exercise Hoop for Adults, Stainless...


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DUTISON Exercise Hoop for Adults, Stainless Steel Fitness Workout Hoop for Weight Loss with Soft Foam and Weight Adjustable from 2.7 to 7lb

Exercise Hoop for AdultsLose Weight Fast by Fun Way to Workout,Easy to Spin, Premium Quality
Exercise Hoop for Adults, Weighted Fitness for Exercise-2lb, 8 Section Detachable Design
2.7lb Exercise Hoop for Adults, Workout Hoops for Exercise, Upgrade 8 Section Detachable
Weighted Exercise Hoop for Adults, Workout Hoop for Weight Loss, Stainless Steel Core with Thicker
Weighted Exercise Hoops-Massage Hoop for Exercise 8 Section Detachable- Professional Soft Fitness

How do I adjust the weight?

You can add beans or steel balls to increase the fitness weight of the Hoop to 1.2-3.2 kg (steel balls are not included).


Exercise Hoop for Adults- 8 Section Detachable Hoops, 2lb Weighted Ring for Exercise

Fitness Exercise Hoop - Easy to Spin, Premium Quality and Soft Padding Weighted Ring

Exercise Hoops, 8 Section Detachable Adjustable Weight & Size Plastic Hoop

Exercise Hoops for Adults - Hoop for Exercise Weighted Fat Burning Healthy Fast Weight Loss

Keep Your Abdomen Slim And Firm

For those who wish to reduce belly fat, one exercise that can be performed is to use a exercise hoop. This is because when the hoop is used for circular motions, abdominal fat is burned and lost. The number of calories burned when shaking the hoop was 7 km/h, and the fat will accelerate the burning.

Keep Your Hip Plump

For you, especially for women who have no confidence in big buttocks after childbirth, Exercise Hoop can be used as an exercise machine and has the advantage of tightening buttocks. This is because the workout hop can burn fat and calories, including fat and calories in the hips, and make your body line look softer. In addition to the muscles of the buttocks, all the muscles will be affected when you shaking the hoop. Perform the hoop exercise regularly and you can tighten your hip muscles within a month.

Get A Healthy Back

Exercise Hoop can also keep your back healthy. When shaking the hoop, in order to maintain the rotation of the hoop without falling, it is necessary to use the strength of the back. It can indirectly nourish the back and avoid osteoporosis or other back problems caused by lifestyle habits or lack of exercise.

Detachable & Easy To Carry

Great for storage and convenient to take the hoop to the playground, lawn, party, coastal beach and so on. Burn calories anytime, anywhere!

Hoop for Adults  8 Section Detachable Design Fitness Exercise Hoop, 2lb- Soft Foam




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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions3.18 × 7.79 in



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